Drones are starting to gain momentum in Agriculture as a way to save time and money on physically demanding jobs, while providing an unparalleled perspective of the paddock.

Our drone is just for monitoring our water and stock on our property and we literally send it up in the sky and it goes and has a look around for us and comes back with the imagery but its applications are much more far reaching.

Lambs Galore

Lambs Galore

I’m not sure if it’s every farmer’s dream, but certainly for those of us who like using technology it allows us to see things that we didn’t see while we were riding about on a motorbike.

Being able to check on lambing ewes without disturbing them has also brought a significant benefit. The drone can fly quite close over the top. The ewes, whilst they’re aware of it, they’re certainly not spooked by it and what we’re finding is less mismothering than with us being around.

There are some real applications within the cropping areas. We’re working with an American fertiliser company looking at how we can use them for crop health monitoring. Given the size of farms in Australia, if growers can set one up for a reasonable cost and use it themselves on a weekly basis, it’s just another tool that we can use. To listen to the full story head to the link.