Project Description

Grazing management is the total process of organising livestock to make the best use of the pastures grown, or managing the frequency and intensity with which livestock graze pasture.

Pastures respond differently to grazing, and by understanding the growth characteristics of a particular pasture, grazing can be used to encourage plant growth and maintain productivity.

Grazing management is also an important factor in the management of soil, water and nutrients. If not managed well, grazing can lead to severe natural resource degradation.

Some pastures may naturally become less productive as they mature or at different stages of their production cycle. It is important to recognise this and adjust stocking rates accordingly. Overstocking at critical stages may result in irreversible damage to pastures and the need for resowing.

By using planned grazing management on native and improved pastures, we are improving our operation with minimal inputs. We have set our system up to maximise use of our ‘solar’ panels contained within the leaves of pasture and shrub plants for consumption by our profit center – the sheep enterprise.

  • Optimising Plant Growth
  • Increasing diversity of plant species
  • Improved pasture utlisation