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2017 NMC Melbourne| Saturday 27 & Sunday 28 May

The NMC is an Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) initiative designed to allow young people to engage with the Merino industry by developing their knowledge, skills and networks, and involves presentations and demonstrations from industry professionals. Students participate in seven ‘mini-challenges’ over two days, testing their knowledge of Merino fleece, production, breeding and selection.

Techniques from […]

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Remote Controlled Drones for Agriculture

Drones are starting to gain momentum in Agriculture as a way to save time and money on physically demanding jobs, while providing an unparalleled perspective of the paddock.

Our drone is just for monitoring our water and stock on our property and we literally send it up in the sky and it goes and has a […]

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Grazing Management

By using planned grazing management on native and improved pastures, we are improving our operation with minimal inputs. We have set our system up to maximise use of our ‘solar’ panels contained within the leaves of pasture and shrub plants for consumption by our profit center – the sheep enterprise.

Optimising plant growth
Greater diversity of […]