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BRALCA sheep stud

Bralca welcomes you to a new generation of performance breeding backed by proven genetics. At wool sales, Bralca and its clients are consistently achieving solid prices for wool.

Our aim
Animal Indexing
Commercial Value

Molong shoot

Stud and Grade Rams

These quality rams are available from September to January for commercial clients.

All Rams are selected using established classing principles combined with the aid of additional measurement. Consistency in bloodlines assures trueness to type in the progeny that these rams produce.

sheep stud_semen


Genetics of elite rams are available as either frozen or fresh semen

This allows clients wishing to use superior genetics accross a large number of ewes the opportunity to introduce the new generation of performance merino’s.

sheep stud_embryos


Clients wishing to access elite genetics can utilise frozen embryos to fast track the process.

Bralca Embryos are available from proven animals with an elite production index. This provides the opportunity to have 100% Bralca genetics on the ground in your own operation in the first year.