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Livestock Handling

We handle livestock for a living. We breed merino sheep, conduct scanning for a variety of livestock and conduct training for industry through a number of programs we are involved with. This means we are exposed to a variety of animal handling techniques from small scale operations through broad scale and intensive agriculture such as piggeries and dairies. We use this experience and that of our partners to design handling gear that works to make your life easier.

Our Gear

We make a range of custom livestock handling equipment including sheep crates, sheep yard panels (including timber) and trailer backs. Call us to discuss your needs.

Our sheep crates are designed for the efficient processing of animals for pregnancy testing. They have been designed to fit the Draminski scanners. They include lead up panels and your choice of a 2 or 3 way draft.

These crates can also fit scales and a panel reader allowing you to weigh, record, condition score and draft ewes all in one easy operation. Simple to use and no pnematic rams to worry about.

  • sheep crate

  • sheep crate

  • sheep crate

  • sheep crate

  • Sheep Crate

Draminski ScannerThe AFS1400 crate produced by Bralca provides a solid reliable unit that packs up to only 1400 (l) x 640 (w) x 920 (h). This means it will even fit in a tub back of a twin cab ute.

These crates are the choice of scanning contractors across Australia with clients in all States with millions of sheep scanned in these units, they have been refined into a tough, reliable, easy to use system to make your job easier.

The crate and lead up panels are lines with a tough polyeurathene paneling making them strong, light and easy to clean. With its galvanized mesh floor and adjustable height, dirt and manure fall through whilst providing a non-slip surface for your animals.

All crates come with pneumatic wheels making moving from site to site a breeze.

The foot operated three way draft leaves both hands free to concentrate on your sheep. This allows for safer and more efficient throughput.

Customised scanner brackets can be provided to hold your scanner or scale head in just the right position. The Draminski Animal Profi scanner is the most popular unit matched with this crate. Also available are 3 way counters and fluid pumps to make your job easier.


For further information about our crates, or customised panels and trailer backs please contact us.

Why Choose Us

      • We work with and use the gear we sell
      • We are in constant contact with suppliers and reviewing our offering
      • Draminski Ultrasound scanners are world leaders in scanning equipment

Industry Opinions

“The sheep industry as an enormous opportunity for productivity gain because of the measurable variation within a flock. While large differences exist between the top 25% and bottom 25% of animals in fleece weight, fibre diameter, growth rate and reproduction, the differences in dollar value can be extreme – 3 to 5 times between the upper and lower quartiles’
Dr Kevin Atkins, Australian Sheep CRC
Using my scanning crate and custom built panels allows us to process high numbers of animals with minimal effort and minimum stress.
Vinnie O'Lachlan, SA Scanning contractor
This strong first half (of the 2015 financial year) should consolidate the sector’s position as ‘one of the shining lights of Australian agriculture.
Tim McRae, MLA